Creative Spirit Art - choose to be creative!
Creative Spirit Art Studio, offers art classes, artist workshops, and art camp programs.
With a commitment to providing quality visual art 
instruction  in a professional art studio environment. Experienced instructors who are professional artists work to encourage students to develop artistic style through visual expression through the process of creativity and art making. 
 The focus of Creative Spirit Art classes is to help facilitate students individual expression. Choice based projects engage creative thinking through a process that explores the hands on making of visual art. A variety of mediums are offered with a focus in drawing and painting as the foundation. 
 We teach art techniques while discovering the joy of the process of creating original artwork. The art making process is as unique as the person creating it!
School Vacation Winter Art Camps
Holiday Break
Dec 29-30 Monday and Tuesday from 10-2
This two day creative arts and craft camp celebrates the festive & joyful spirit of the season. As celebration for a themes, students will select subjects that relate to their lives, family, and friends to draw, paint and collage unique artwork. For ages 6-11
Cost is $95. all materials are included *pre-registration is required
Jan 2 Friday 10-2
This one day camp will use winter woodland critters as a theme. Students will selecting a winter critter to develop a simple sketch that they can incorporate into a winter backdrop and create their one of a kind artwork. For ages 6-11
Cost is $50. all materials are included * pre-registration is required.
Creative Spirit Art Class Schedule
Weekly Classes for Children 
September 2014- June 2015
Our weekly classes, run September through June. Pre-registration is required for all classes. The classes are designed to help students develop artistic skills at their own pace and produce their own personal portfolio of artwork. Students’ artwork will be featured in a group art exhibit in the Spring of 2015. Classes meet once a week for one hour.
 *please see our studio policies for ongoing enrollment
Art Fundamentals (ages 5-8)  Monday 4-5 
Students will be introduced to mediums in drawing, painting, and printmaking in order to experience exploratory manipulation of a variety of art materials. Concepts of color, pattern, texture, shape and line will be incorporate into projects that will express their ideas and feelings.    
The focus will be to develop artistic and perceptual skills in drawing, painting, and collage. Students will develop ideas for projects that explore their individual interpretation of their environment, figure drawing, landscapes, and the still life. Students will develop sketches into compositions that are based upon using harmony, variety and contrasts of art elements such as line, shape, value, balance, and dominance.
Art I/II (ages 8-14)  Tues 4-5 or Tues 5-6
*extended class option   
The foundation of this class will focus on drawing and painting skills. The students will use the fundamentals of art and elements of design to advance their skills in subject areas related to their personal interests as well as some group exercises. Working at their currents level students will work to refine sketches, developing them, and incorporating more advanced art techniques with the goal to work these elements to completed projects. Students will explore a variety of drawing mediums, painting techniques, as well as having the opportunity to explore their  individual choice of art mediums. Students are required to purchase a sketch book for weekly homework assignments
Art I (ages 8-12)Wed 4-5
*extended class option
Art categories such as,  portraits, landscape, animals, still life, contemporary art, art history will be explored through choice based projects.  Each month students will choose their subject material to incorporate around a framework of a category. Drawing compositions will be developed from sketches to follow through to completed artwork in the students' choice of drawing or painting mediums
Art II (ages 9-14) Wed 5-6
*extended class option 
This class will focus on an in-depth exploration with materials to develop more advanced skills in the student’s individual choice of media. Students will be expected to plan projects by investigating resources for inspiration and information and follow through their ideas to a completed project that maintains a quality of workmanship. Students will be encouraged to expand their personal horizons by exploring a variety of strategies and exercises to enhance creativity and imagination. Students are required to purchase a sketchbook for weekly homework assignments.
Tuition is $65 per month, class for weekly 1 hour class or *extended class option of $110. per month for a two hour weekly class. Classes meet once a week with exception for holidays and school vacation weeks, art materials are provided unless noted in class description. Students will be accepted on a first come basis and class size is limited to 6 students. There is an additional registration fee of $10. per student. Pre-registration is required
Art classes & Workshops for Adults
Creative Spirit art workshops are for all levels of experience and are open to ages teen through adult. They are designed to guide you through your creative process while introducing you to new techniques using traditional art mediums to create unique one of a kind artwork that reflects your own personal style.
Classes provide demonstration of techniques and time for you to have hands on learning that encourages a sense of play and discovery.  The small group setting allows for individual instruction to develop your own artistic style.
Collaborative Workshop Series
What’s in Your Heart…
This collaborative series melds the intuitive creative process of art making with Caryn Lynn Duncan of Creative Spirit Art & healing, heart centered living with Amanda Marie-K. Stanley of Lion's Tooth Wellness.
Fun, Inspiring Ideas To Make Your Life Richer
  • It’s time to be good to YOU
  • Create, Indulge, Play & Embrace the Day
  • Start with the positive simply because it works
  • Unleash the fun of your style
  • When we are healthy we are happy, when we are happy, we make the world a better place
  • journey into spirit centered creative expression
  • What’s in Your Heart
 With creative art to spark the inner dreamer, herbal medicine & magic to enhance supportive guidance, together they meld to bring clarity to your vision by creating a more joyful, heart centered & empowered
Core values will be your guides as we explore, play, indulge & embrace the present moment. A four month series of workshops that will guide your life each month with active intention to deepen your connection to yourself and the richness of the beauty of life which surrounds you. Indulge yourself with a class experience to discover success secrets, clarify your intentions for your life, build goals, and start living your dream.
This workshop series begins November 2014. Join us for the full 4 month series and receive a special rate & free goodie bag upon our first class meeting. Or Choose to register for single classes. Pre-registration is required.                     
 Full details are on the Creative Living Workshops page.
Painting, the process of visual expression
Ages teen-adult Wed 6:15-8:15
This class will focus on developing techniques in painting ,how to create an individual artistic style., composition development, overcoming personal creative blocks, and incorporating art fundamentals as  part of creative process. No prior experience is necessary and the class is suited for all levels of experience. Project guidelines will be used as a starting place for students to begin developing a deeper understanding of what they connect to in life and how to convey that through the visual expression of painting. Some materials will be included in the cost and a list of materials to purchase will be generated for each student individually. Monthly tuition $110. *ongoing registration will be accepted throughout the year provided that a space is available. Registration confirms students are enrolled continually month to month and a 2 week notice must be given to be taken off the class roster or the student will be charge for the following month.
Private Workshop Sessions &
Creative Coaching with Caryn Lynn
Reawaken your creative Spirit with a sense of play and process. A variety of drawing and materials will be available to help you find your creative voice. We will start the process with laying color down for your background, developing sketches of your favorite imagery, finding words to express your mood, and bringing it all together with layering to create a rich, playful, textured, one of a kind piece of artwork.
$50/2 hour session with the option of extending your day at $20/pr hour. Pre-registration and scheduling workshop times is required. Some materials will be supplied and a suggested material list will be provided at the time of registration.
Art  Heals... The power of creating
Art Therapy has positive healing powers allowing us to envision our dreams for life. Embracing the present moment, letting go of the past, we have the power of choice to believe that miracles happen and there is more to healing that science alone. During the creative process we find peace, acceptance, a connection within ourselves to the source of creation. It goes beyond what can be seen to a place of faith, a belief that  life is an experience to embrace our nature that seeks goodness, love, joy, beauty, and inner peace.
$30/ per hour. Private sessions are developed to your personal needs. Pre- registration  and scheduling is required. Some materials will be supplied and a suggested material list will be provided at the time of registration.
Book a creative get together with you personal group of friends and we will host it. Minimum ofat least 4 and can accommodate up to 7. Please contact us for further details.
2014 Summer Art Camps
 Creative Spirit Art camp emphasizes individual expression in a small group setting. Choose from themes that have been developed into week long programs that will nurture your child’s creativity, expand their imagination, and develop skills based upon the fundamentals of art and principles of design. Students will explore a variety of art making techniques. Each day is divided up so that students will learn from instructional group projects and projects that they will design based upon their individual interest. Camp hours are Monday through Friday, 9am until noon unless specified as an extended session which is 9am-2pm.   Each session is limited to 7 students.  Pre-registration is required and students will be accepted on a first come basis.
Creative Spirit Art Classes
Studio Policies
      Pre-registration is required for all classes. Classes run September through June. On- going registration will be accepted at the beginning of each month based upon space availability. There is a registration fee of $10. per student/ per class
Student Exhibit
         There will be a group exhibit of the students' artwork in the Spring of2015. Students who wish to exhibit artwork must be enrolled in at least two months of classes prior to the opening of the show. Family and friends are strongly encouraged to attend the opening event to show their support for the students’ work.
      Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis. Classes are limited in size to provide individualized instruction. For classes that are full a waiting list will be maintained to accommodate students if space becomes available.
       Tuition is based upon 10-month cost of $650.00 for the 2014/2015 year, which divides the cost into10 equal payments of $65 per month. The cost includes materials unless noted. A discount of ten percent will be given to families with more than one child enrolled in classes. All tuition payments are due by the 1st class of each month and can be paid by cash or checks made to Creative Spirit Art Studio. A late fee of $10.00 will be added if payment is not made by the second week of the month. There will be a fee of $25.00 for all returned checks.
Attendance, Holidays and Missed Classes
       Students are expected to arrive to class regularly and on time. Please notify the studio if you will be missing class. There are no pro-rated fees for missed classes or closed vacation breaks. Classes missed due to illness can be made up in another class on the schedule during that month. The studio will follow the Dover Public Schools with regards to holidays and school closures due to weather.  Our studio will be closed during  Thanksgiving, Christmas Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break . Studio closure due to weather or canceled due to a teacher absence will be made up at a time arranged by the teacher. If a student cannot attend a scheduled make up class they may attend another class on the schedule with prior arrangement.
Class Changes
       A two-week notice is required prior to discontinuing or changing a class. You will be responsible for the next month of tuition if notification is not given.
Student Conduct
        In order to promote, a successful learning environment students are expected to conduct themselves with respect for their instructor, other fellow students and the art materials. If necessary the student will be given a verbal warning and a parent will be notified. If there continues to be an issue the student will not be allowed to continue attending classes.
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