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Get excited! Find your inspiration here with explorative art expression, color & lifestyle design, visual manifestation, and art appreciation workshops are for all levels of experience and are open to ages teen through adult. With guidance through your creative process let yourself be open to new techniques using traditional art mediums to create unique one of a kind artwork.

Artist Caryn Lynn will provide demonstration of techniques and time for you to have hands on learning that encourages a sense of play and discovery. The small group setting allows for personalized instruction.

Painting Classes

Studio Sketch to Paint, Art Journals, 

Surface Design, & The Law of Attraction Workshops

Art Journals  

$60. per day or $160.monthly (meets once a week/ 4 classes monthly/ 1.5hour each class)

Art journaling allows freedom to loosely interpret the beauty of experience recording thoughts and ideas through color, images, patterns, and memorabilia. A workshops where we will practice sketching, collage,and painting through the creation of art journals.   

Yoga Mat Painting & Sacred Space


How to design and paint yoga mats with demonstration of creative design, paint technique, and meditation in motion through creativity. I'll talk about paints, materials, imagery, and design. Together we will engage in the creative process and explore intuitive art making, with intention of creating sacred space. Each participant will need to bring a yoga mat to paint and upon registration will be assign two colors of paint to bring and share.

Studio Workshops

Mixed Media Painting class, the Process of Expressionism

$240/month (meets once a week / 4 classes/ 2 hours each class)

This class will focus on developing techniques in painting ,how to create with mixed media, composition development, overcoming personal creative blocks, and incorporating art fundamentals as part of creative process. No prior experience is necessary and the class is suited for all levels of experience. Project guidelines will be used as a starting place for students to begin developing a deeper understanding of what they connect to in life and how to convey that through the visual expression of painting. 

A list of materials will be provided.

Art Energy, Manifesting, The law of attraction

 $50 (1 hour private session, add on additional studio time for follow up at your own pace $30 per additional hour) As an intuitive based artist I work with rituals that utilizes the process of creative visualization. Through hands on making we can manifest a vision with heart. 

     What to bring: 

  • an open heart ready to engage in the process of creativity
  • words or quotes that represents your desires to manifest direction in your life
  • a playful spirit
  • a small sampling of pretty papers to share and create with
  • a willingness to honestly express your truth

Open Studio

Book a creative get together with you personal group of friends and we will host it. Minimum of 4 and can accommodate up to 7. Please contact us for further details. $50per person/ 2 hour sessions

You hold the power to create a beautiful life, rich with vibrant elements the world has waiting for you to discover, connect, explore, and create what you only have dreamed of before.

$50./ hour session with the option of extending your session. Pre-registration and scheduling workshop times is required. Some materials will be supplied and a suggested material list will be provided at the time of registration.

Art Heals... The power of creating

Art has positive healing powers allowing us to envision our dreams for life. Embracing the present moment, letting go of the past, we have the power of choice to believe that miracles happen and there is more to healing that science alone. During the creative process we find peace, acceptance, a connection within ourselves to the source of creation. It goes beyond what can be seen to a place of faith, a belief that life is an experience to embrace our nature that seeks goodness, love, joy, beauty, and inner peace.

$50./ per hour. Private sessions are developed to your personal needs. Pre- registration and scheduling is required. Some materials will be supplied and a suggested material list will be provided at the time of registration.

Private Workshop Sessions & Creative Coaching

with Cara, artist Caryn Lynn

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